Your Call Fitness offers affordable in-home exercise training to individuals or small groups of 2-4 people.  Workouts are designed to enhance strength, stability, endurance, and mobility. Working at home is the perfect solution for people with young children and for those who are retired or may not be comfortable in a gym setting.  You are committed to exercise sessions which are brought to your door.


The result is a successful transition to a healthier lifestyle!


The first visit is free of charge and serves as an introduction and open discussion.  A basic assessment, medical history, and waiver form will be completed.  Gail will help the client set reasonable goals.  After this, the exercises will be designed to fit and promote your unique abilities. A variety of tools will add challenges and interest to each session.


Emphasis is always placed on progressing each client while having fun!  If getting healthier and stronger is on your list, or you’re just not sure how to start, call now!


It’s your call! 


Work one-on-one with a personal trainer:


 $75 single session

$700 - 10 sessions

Travel fee may apply outside the Portland, Maine area.


Small groups of two or more:


$80 single session

$375 - 5 sessions

Travel fee may apply outside the Portland, Maine area.


Gail is a group class instructor at Dynamics Fitness in Scarborough, Maine.



Gail is a life-long fitness enthusiast with 25 years’ experience as a healthcare professional. She lived and worked abroad for 16 years and appreciates diversity as well as new environments. A few years ago, Gail changed career direction and pursued personal training. The healthcare background has been helpful in understanding the mechanics of muscle and joint action which occur when we move.

Exercise IS movement, pure and simple. Movement is also what we must be able to do in order to maintain independence and quality of life well into our 80’s and 90’s. Today’s seniors are more physically active than ever before and that trend is increasing. As a baby boomer, she understands the aging body and has a keen interest in helping people help themselves! Read more about senior fitness here.

Gail is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), group exercise certified through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and holds a certificate as a Senior Fitness Specialist. In addition, Gail is certified in Part I of the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) which is an assessment technique used for identifying muscle imbalances. Gail continues to actively expand her knowledge through continuing education seminars, courses, and books.

Gail also trains clients at Dynamics Fitness in Scarborough and teaches a private class of 10 people there. The private class is a new format designed to interest people who either don’t work out and want to, or
work out a little and want to progress. Click here for more information.




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