Small group training is a very affordable way to get an excellent workout. Working with friends regularly is an ideal way to achieve healthy goals together.

It’s fun, it’s social, and you are more likely to maintain a regular exercise program when it is scheduled with others. You can cheer each other along as you attain new achievements and goals.


The workouts can be formatted with different “stations” that participants move through at their own rate of speed. Or, classes can be formatted so that all members simultaneously do the same thing. A warm-up segment typically starts a class using this “all together” format.

Following the warm-up, participants will be lead through some movement-based stretching,
diaphragmatic breathing, and other forms of movement which enhance mobility and balance. Strength and cardio will follow.

Exercises can be varied a lot in a group too. For example, tossing a weighted ball back and forth will increase arm, shoulder and hand strength, coordination, balance, and general neuromuscular efficiency. As clients progress, this can be increased in difficulty by increasing weight or standing on one foot while tossing the ball.

Small group training generally consists of 2 to 6 people. Age and gender can certainly be mixed and even abilities can be different since exercises can be modified to change the level of difficulty.
While working with a certified trainer, all the members of the group will receive close attention. Body position, form, and correct breathing will be assessed. Weights and reps will be varied so that the workouts remain fun and interesting.

Having fun is the key to staying in a program, so form a group now and contact Gail at Your Call Fitness for more information!


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