Postural Restorations: What is it and why do you need it?

Very briefly, “Postural Restorations” is a physical therapy technique which involves correct breathing coupled with specific exercises. I was first introduced to Postural Restorations when I visited a physical therapist for chronic shoulder pain and difficulty lifting my right arm. I recovered rapidly and have remained healthy. I became hooked on the breathing exercises which I still do today and incorporate them with personal training clients.

Postural Restorations developed 35 years ago when physical therapists started using the body’s asymmetries to create balance.

Our bodies are amazingly asymmetrical inside: our heart sits on the left, the liver on the right, our right lung has three lobes and the left has two. These anatomical asymmetries are normal and don’t cause problems unless they become pronounced enough that the body is unable to control them. This can happen when a particular pattern of movement is repeated over and over during exercise, walking, or just sitting in your car. Poor movement patterns will lead, over time, to an elevated position of the diaphragm in the chest, shallow chest breathing, and elevated rib positions. We start to look inflated and puffed out. If we don’t use the diaphragm correctly while breathing, other muscles will help and problems start to develop.

If you suffer from chronic pain, (neck and shoulders, lower back, hips), I encourage you to seek out a specialist in Postural Restorations for an evaluation.

Using your breath correctly during exercise is vital, e.g. breathing through your movements and exhaling on the exertion phase of an exercise. Filling your lungs FULL of air, using proper technique, will provide the needed oxygen which is used to fuel your muscles during your workout. Consider working with a personal trainer who will oversee your movement patterns and breathing habits.

Check my videos for demonstrations of postural breathing exercises anyone can do.

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