Basic Knee Health

Ask any client if they have joint pain, and high on the list is pain in the knees. Knees are used and abused every day. In fact, overuse ranks high on the list of causes. It is important to train correctly as well. A lopsided workout will cause further joint stress and can lead to muscle imbalances. Even with fitness walking, some muscles are overused, while others are not used at all. The best advice is to stick with exercises such as swimming, biking, walking, and strength training.

For a healthy knee plan, try to stretch daily, or at least three times a week. But don't do it when your muscles are cold. Perform a short movement-based warm-up, or walk 10 minutes first to loosen up the joints, ligaments, and tendons. Include ankles and feet during your warm up: point and flex both feet and rotate the ankle in both directions 8-10 times. Balance exercises such as standing on one leg should be included here as they are important for gaining the stability needed when doing weight training and carrying out everyday activities.

To improve knee health, it is crucial to train the muscles above and below the knee as they provide the support for correct knee movement. For improving leg strength, basic squats and lunges are great, as is walking upstairs or performing step-up exercises.

As we age, strength and mobility play a major role in our overall quality of life. Keeping your knees healthy is a must as we march into the golden years.

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