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I feel inspired when I read a good fitness tip, and guess what? I don’t have to read through a research paper or a whole book to get great information. I like the little one to three liners and then I move on. This month, I have delved into my favorite exercise books and am passing on factual, helpful tips- some you will know and maybe have forgotten, and others are pieces of information which has value that we underestimate.

WALKING: Research shows that breaking up sedentary periods as frequently as you can is really important. “Take any medical condition, and walking is probably good for preventing it,” says Tim Church, a professor at Louisiana State University’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center.

Daily walking (so easy to do) will lower your risk for disease, extend your life span, make you

happier, and keep you loose and limber. Studies show that regular walking reduces the

discomfort of arthritis.

ENERGY: If you want more energy, do some form of movement three to four times a week.

Physical activity increases the size and number of your mitochondria- the cellular powerhouses that help your body operate efficiently. You don’t have to run a marathon- just get up and do something

ELIXIR OF YOUTH: Research results indicate that with regular exercise, we will not only have fewer ailments, we will age better. Throughout life, our cells divide, copying DNA and sections of the chromosomes, called telomeres, get shorter. The shorter a telomere is, the older the cell is. Belgian researches discovered a compound, nuclear respiratory factor (NRF1) that protects telomeres from getting shorter. They found that exercise boots levels of NRF1, which keeps the telomeres from shortening thereby keeping your cells younger, longer.

Embark on a healthy lifestyle of simple, effective activities and you’ll likely be successful at it.

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