Psoas Release

The fitness industry has introduced a variety of tools for massaging, rolling and stretching all designed to help our achy joints, back, muscles, fascia and so on.

I am writing today about a great tool I just purchased called the Pso Rite:

The Pso Rite targets the Psoas muscle (pronounced So-As). Actual full name of the Psoas muscle is Iliopsoas and we have two of them: Psoas major and Psoas minor.

The psoas muscle is a deep core muscle which starts at the lower thoracic and lumbar vertebrae and connects down at the top of the femur (thigh bone). Our psoas muscle is responsible for hip flexion, external rotation, as well as extending and rotating our lower back (lumbar spine).

A strong psoas supports us in daily activities but a weak psoas hinders movement. Through extended periods of sitting, the psoas often becomes tight altering our posture, and back pain results. Because of this, the psoas has garnered a lot of attention and is the subject of countless articles.

As with all muscles we need to strengthen and stretch the psoas too. A chiropractor can actually apply pressure in the pelvic inlet area to help release a tight psoas. The Pso Rite is a tool that effectively releases the psoas at home.

Check it out!

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