Walk to keep hearts beating

"Keep Hearts Beating" a.k.a. Southern Maine Heart Walk, is a walk to raise funds and awareness, about something which is espcially close especially close to my heart. We all know a friend or family member affected by heart disease. Here is my personal reason for supporting the AMA: my oldest nephew was a healthy and athletic high school senior when he decided to go into the U.S. Navy.

At his routine medical exam, his doctor detected a faint heart murmur. That prevented his Navy career from starting, but worse, his general health quickly declined and he needed a heart valve replacement. The replacement worked great for several years, and then he needed another one. This time the outcome was not as good. He ended up on the heart donor list as a young, otherwise healthy and active young adult. Fortunately, (and unfortunately), at almost the final hour, a heart that matched was available. It was a very emotional event time for all of us. But thanks to modern medicine, the transplant which took place a decade ago, is still giving him a full and happy life. I am proud to walk in “Keep Hearts Beating” on May 19th in Portland.

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